Shapath Vayuputrachi (Marathi)

Author: amish

ISBN: 9789384030049

Pub Date: 10.01.2014


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Shiva is gathering his forces. He reaches the Naga capital,Panchavati, and Evil is finally revealed. The Neelkanthprepares for a holy war against his true enemy, a manwhose name instils dread in the fiercest of warriors.India convulses under the onslaught of a series of brutalbattles. It's a war for the very soul of the nation. Manywill die. But Shiva must not fail, no matter what the cost.In his desperation, he reaches out to the ones who havenever offered any help to him: the Vayuputras.Will he succeed? And what will be the real cost of battlingEvil? To India? And to Shiva's soul?Discover the answer to these mysteries in this concludingpart of the bestselling Shiva Trilogy.

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The Oath Of The Vayuputras (Marathi) is the final book of the Shiva Trilogy by author, Amish Tripathi. Picking up from where the previous book left off, this intriguing novel commences with Shiva’s discovery that Somras, the alleged healing potion, can prove to be fatal. Shiva then declares war on the Emperors, Daksha and Dilipa, and their kingdom of Meluha, claiming to fight anyone who continues its usage.

While the imminent battle rages on, Shiva travels to the land of Pariha to consult with a legendary tribe called the Vayuputras. There, he meets his maternal uncle, Mithra, who is also the Chief of the tribe. Mithra recognizes Shiva as the true Neelkanth and gifts him gives him the Pashupathiastra, a weapon of mass destruction.

This final book in the trilogy explores how Shiva uses his weapon in many of the perilous situations that he faces along the story. The Oath Of The Vayuputras (Marathi) is an attempt by the author to render ancient mythology for contemporary generations. This edition of the book was published in 2014 by Westland, and is available in paperback.

"Amish Tripathi is a former Indian banker turned writer. The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas begin his Shiva Trilogy, which has since become a bestselling collection. An alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, he currently lives in Mumbai with his wife and son."


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