Rearming Hinduism

Author: vamsee juluri

ISBN: 9789384030520

Pub Date: 02.02.2015


Quick Overview

Rearming Hinduism is a handbook for intellectual resistance.

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Through an astute and devastating critique of Hinduphobia in today’s academia, media and popular culture, Vamsee Juluri shows us that what the Hinduphobic worldview denies virulently is not only the truth and elegance of Hindu thought, but the very integrity and sanctity of the natural world itself.

By boldly challenging some of the media age’s most popular beliefs about nature, history and prehistory along with the usual Hinduphobic myths about Aryans, invasions and blood-sacrifices, Rearming Hinduism links Hinduphobia and its hubris to a predatory and self-destructive culture that perhaps only a renewed Hindu sensibility can effectively oppose. It is a call to see the present in a way that elevates our desa and kala to the ideals of the sanatana dharma once again.

"Vamsee Juluri is a professor of media studies at the University of San Francisco. He is the author of The Mythologist: A Novel (Penguin India), Bollywood Nation: India through its Cinema (Penguin India) and The Guru Within (Westland, forthcoming)."


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