Preeti Shenoy Box Set : The Secret Wish List / The One You Cannot Have / It Happens For A Reason

Author: preeti shenoy

ISBN: 9789385152092

Pub Date: 17.04.2015


Quick Overview

The Box Set includes the following titles:-

1) Secret Wish list

2) One you cannot have

3) It happens for a Reason.

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It Happens for a Reason: Vipasha was a teenage mom; she is now 34, holding two unusual jobs, trying to raise a 15-year-old as a single parent, and hoping to find true love, when the one guy she cannot get over – the father of her child – reappears in her life.

The One You Cannot Have: Two years after the break-up of what he thought was a near-perfect relationship, Aman is still struggling to get over his now-married former girlfriend, when a new girl enters his life.

The Secret Wish List: Bound by social stigma and parental pressure, trapped in a marriage long gone stale, Diksha is struggling to break conventions and discover her true calling, when an old crush comes back into her life.

Preeti Shenoy is among the highest selling authors in India. She has written for various publications such as Times of India and Reader’s Digest. She has given talks in several educational institutions, including the IITs and IIMs. She is very active on social media, and has an extremely popular blog. She is also an artist specialising in portraiture. Her other interests are travel, photography and yoga.


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