Ganga And Shantanu

Author: ashok banker

ISBN: 9789382618294

Pub Date: 01.02.2013


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Retold by Ashok in his Mahabharata Series, this stolen tale of love and loss will break your heart, even as it reveals a facet of love rarely witnessed by mortal eyes.

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The classic tale of Shakuntala and Dushyanta has enthralled Indians for millennia. The subject of the great Sanskrit play by Kalidasa and influencer of a thousand love stories in films, television shows and novels, this almost-tragedy captures the unusual pairing of a rustic sages daughter and the arrogant young king who falls passionately in love with her only to forget her once he returns to his kingdom. Or has he truly forgotten? As much a drama with a twist in its tale as a romance of manners, the great romance of Shakuntala and Dushyanta remains an enduring love story as well as a fascinating portrait of a long-lost age. Now retold in Ashoks inimitable epic style, this short novella also forms a part of the larger epic Mahabharata Series.

Ashok Kumar Bankers internationally acclaimed epic retellings are published in 56 countries, several hundred reprint editions, with over 1.4 million copies currently in print. His Ramayana Series is arguably the most popular English-language retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic. His Krishna Coriolis is hugely popular among young readers. Ashok is of mixed-race and nationality, a non-Hindu, and neither religious nor spiritual. He is one of the few living Indian authors included in The Picador Book of Modern Indian Writing and The Vintage Anthology of Indian Literature. His writing is used as a teaching aid in management and educational courses worldwide. His e-book venture akbebooks. com is Indias first best-selling e-bookstore and e-publisher. Ashok is 48 years old and lives with his family in Mumbai. Over 41,000 readers have corresponded with him at his website


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