Author: graphic india

ISBN: 9789386224507

Pub Date: april 2017


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East meets West in the crossover event, lifetimes in the making. The Witchblade is a powerful mystic artifact that chooses one bearer each generation. Devi is a warrior goddess created by the gods, and bound to a human host. Long ago, a Witchblade bearer and the first Devi incarnate joined forces to defeat the power-mongering villain Tama. Now, current Witchblade wielder, Sara Pezzini, in her role as a New York City Police Detective, has journeyed to the Indian city of Sitapur to investigate a murder. However, Sitapur is under the protection of the present Devi, a young woman named Tara Mehta who is still learning the ropes of her new calling.

Graphic India is a digital entertainment company focused on creating cinematic and mythic graphic novel stories with filmmakers, creators and storytellers. The company was founded by entrepreneurs, Sharad Devarajan, Gotham Chopra and Suresh Seetharaman and uses the medium of digital graphic novel publishing to develop properties for theatrical live-action films, animation and video games. Graphic India has created and is creating original graphic novels with acclaimed filmmakers and talents including John Woo, Guy Ritchie, Grant Morrison.


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