Devdutt Pattanaik Box Set (7 Secrets Of Vishnu, 7 Secrets Of Shiva, 7 Secrets From Hindu Calendar Art)

Author: devdutt pattanaik

ISBN: 9789382618065

Pub Date: 22-nov


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Devdutt Pattanaik has specialized in presenting Hindu mythology for the new generation. He also explains the symbolism and meanings of Hindu traditions, beliefs and images.

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7 Secrets of Vishnu/7 Secrets of Shiva/7 Secrets From Hindu Calendar Art is a box set containing three books which explains the symbolism and provides the interpretation of Hindu mythology and traditions. The first book explains about the life of Hindu deity Vishnu and the practices associated with Vaishnavism. It states that gender can help people understand the metaphysical aspects of Hinduism. Vishnu is depicted as a deity that dons silk clothing and fragrance. The significance of the ten forms of Vishnu are also explained in detail.

The next book in 7 Secrets of Vishnu/7 Secrets of Shiva/7 Secrets From Hindu Calendar Art deals with Shiva, known as the destroyer. His various forms such as an ascetic, a hermit and more are explained in the book. He is depicted as a deity with a snake around his neck and ash on his forehead. The book also explains what the different forms of Shiva mean, such as Nataraja, Lingeshwara and Shankara. Shiva’s sons, Ganesha and Karthikeya are also given a place in the book. The author brings out the different contradictory beliefs about Shiva in Hinduism.

The third book in this box set focuses on the interpretations of the drawings and images of deities depicted on Hindu calendars. It delves into the stories and messages behind the art. with plenty of gods and goddesses, the symbolism in Indian mythology can be overwhelming. The author attempts to break it down and present simplified meanings of the drawings commonly seen. The book even contains pictures of these deities and the legends associated with them.


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