Chakra: The Invincible

Author: stan lee

ISBN: 9789383260966

Pub Date: 21.02.2014


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Raju Rai's world is about to be changed forever as his mentor, Dr. Singh, develops a technology suit which transforms all the Chakra, or the inherent spiritual power, present in the human body into a form that allows Raju to use it for defense, or offense…

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“The Incredible story of Chakra, one of my latest and most exciting superhero creations promises to captivate audiences in India and around the world with his adventures.” Stan Lee as seen in newspapers and media around the world! From the mind of legendary creator Stan Lee, comes his first superhero for India, Chakra the Invincible. Chakra tells the story of Raju Rai, a young Indian orphan living in Mumbai who, along with his mentor, the genius scientist Dr. Singh, develops a technological suit which activates the points of energy that flows naturally through the human bogy called chakras. When Raju accidently activates the suit, he discovers he has strange and wondrous new superpowers and must protect the city and the world, from deadly threat of boss Yama. Created by Stan Lee and illustrated by acclaimed Indian artist, Jeevan J. Kang. Read the first chapter in this epic adventure.

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