Carnatic Summer: Lives Of Twenty Two Great Exponents 1

Author: sriram v

ISBN: 9789384030476

Pub Date: 18.07.2014


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This book looks at the lives of a select group of twenty-two such artistes who were top ranking performers

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Carnatic music has survived contrary to all the gloom and doom that was predicted. New performers appear, new labels released and new sabhas are born every year. If Carnatic music is still heard all over the world and makes an emphatic and grand statement of survival each year during the December season, it is because of the great artistes who bore the art form aloft. A colourful lot, much has been written about their art and the way they presented it. But very little has been written about their lives and their lifestyles, which must have had a significant bearing on their art. This book looks at the lives of a select group of twenty-two such artistes who were top ranking performers.

"Born in England on June 22, 1966, Sriram had his early schooling in Madras and then in Calcutta. His bachelors in engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering in 1987 was followed by a masters in business administration from FMS, Delhi University. Sriram then moved on to a varied carrier in marketing and advertising before joining his family business in Chennai. Carnatic music has been a passion for Sriram since the age of six, when his grandmother began to teach him the basics, in the family puja room. This combined with a great interest in history, has lead him to study the art form in depth with special reference to its great personalities. Since this book first appeared in print in 2004, Sriram has emerged as an engaging historian and chronicler of Chennai, and Carnatic Music. He conducts heritage walks, addresses audiences and is a columnist for city newspapers. Carnatic Summer was his first book and since then he has written eight more, on the arts, corporate history and personalities."


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