Buddha : A Story Of Enlightenment

Author: deepak chopra, joshua dysart, harshvardhan kadam and dean hyrapiet

ISBN: 9789383260911

Pub Date: 07.05.2014


Quick Overview

When young Siddhartha was told never to leave the walls of his palace, he thought it was his father's enemies he had to fear. He was wrong. Curiosity led him to leave the protection of his walls and venture forth, seeking answers to questions he didn't know.

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Siddhartha, the troubled young prince of Kapilavastu, finds conflict in everything he sees. Believing that there is a greater purpose of life, he takes off without anyone’s knowledge and becomes a monk. Buddha: A Story Of Enlightenment is a short but descriptive, biography on the life of Siddhartha as he transforms into Buddha, the enlightened one.

Divided into three parts, the first part of the book talks about Siddhartha, the Prince. The second part talks about his life as a monk and the final part talks about his life after enlightenment, his life as Buddha. As a prince, Siddhartha was always curious. Looking for adventure at every curve, Siddartha never experienced a dull day until a series of events made him question life and existence. As a monk, his life marks a journey made in the quest of finding answers. And finally, as he finds the answers to these questions while meditating under a peepal tree, he becomes Buddha, the enlightened one. This section also covers his teachings.

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