Author: rajorshi chakraborthi

ISBN: 9789380658056

Pub Date: 19-jun-10


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A road-novel, an odd-couple comedy, a darkly funny story above love on a wild goose chase, from the author of Or The Day Seizes You and Derangements.

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Dev, a young British-Asian writer in London, is suddenly informed by his live-in girlfriend, Jo, that she's pregnant. His reaction is to take off for Munich, leaving a note for Jo on the telephone table. What he tells her is that he urgently needs to recover a couple of old manuscripts from his ex-girlfriend, Heidi. What he doesn't say is that although Heidi left him years ago, he has never stopped hoping for a second chance with her. This is Dev's now-or-never opportunity to bare his heart, and get a definite answer. But shortly after their meeting, Heidi disappears without a trace, and her furious mother places the blame entirely on Dev. It now falls on him to try and find her. Unfortunately, the only man who can help him is the one person he would never wish to see again, the infuriating Rodrigo, the man Heidi left him for! Two men thrown together, who could not be more different, but want the same woman equally badly. They will risk everything to reach her. This is their story.


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