Ayodhaya Ki Tasveere : Portraits From Ayodhya

Author: scharada dubey

ISBN: 9789383260867

Pub Date: 03.02.2014


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Portraits of Ayodhya- a startling compilation of oral history.

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Almost two decades after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Scharada Dubey, an Ayodhya resident, studies the barricaded Ram Janmabhoomi site, travels through temple alleyways, visits the residents, ordinary and prominent, of a town that has known no peace. What follows is Portraits of Ayodhya- a startling compilation of oral history.

Scharada Dubey is a writer. She has been a college lecturer, a radio announcer, a producer of video features for television, and a tarot practitioner with a column in four editions of the Times of India. As Scharada Bail, she has penned several children’s books, including travelogues such as Footloose on the West Coast and Malwa on My Mind, and biographical volumes like Icons of Social Change and Growing Up. Scharada set up the Sahriday Samiti in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, to work for the resolution of man-animal conflicts, which led to the title, Monkeys in My Backyard. Scharada now lives and works in Lucknow.


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