3’s A Crowd

Author: dr vijay nagaswami

ISBN: 9789381626276

Pub Date: 25.12.2011


Quick Overview

Written by a renowned marital therapist, this book deals with the extremely sensitive yet highly prevalent issue of infidelity in relationships. It seeks to help the readers understand and overcome the same.

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This book is about the much discussed and controversial topic of infidelity in different situations. 3’s A Crowd talks about the reasons behind infidelity and its effects on all the stakeholders. The author has addressed this issue very sensitively and meticulously, making sure not to dismiss or blindly blame anyone involved in such a scenario.

The book has been divided into two sections. The first section deals with understanding infidelity. While most people believe that disclosure of an affair definitely means a dissolved marriage, and that a person in a happy marriage cannot have an affair with someone else, the author has dismissed all these stereotypical notions as modern myths. This section delivers the message that not all relationships are the same, and not all situations are the same.

The second section of the book is surviving infidelity. Once the affair and the infidel are in the open, three lives undergo drastic changes. For those who have gone through this traumatic experience, or are going through it, this section is of great help. The author has enlisted the unpleasant emotions and thoughts one may have to deal with in a stepwise manner.

The book does not provide definite solutions to questions regarding what to do when caught in such a situation or how to win back the partner’s trust. However, it does urge the readers to not act hastily in such complicated situations, and helps them cast away guilt or learn forgiveness, depending on the situation at hand.

Replete with deep insights by the author and real life examples, this book is a must read for all. Not only the ones dealing with infidelity, but those who are scared of being cheated upon and those who believe they can never be cheated upon will also find this book informative.

"Dr. Vijay Nagaswami is a practicing psychiatrist and a well-known marriage counselor. His clientele includes people from all over India and some NRIs too. He regularly conducts workshops on relationship management in different settings. Apart from this book, Dr. Nagaswami has also authored Courtship And Marriage: A Guide For Indian Couples, The 24x7 Marriage: Smart Strategies For Good Beginnings, The Splintered Mind: Understanding Schizophrenia, and The Fifty-50 Marriage. He has completed his MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry). He was the Deputy Director at the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, India and served many international organisations as a consultant. He has also worked in the field of Human Resource Management and Development. He currently resides in Chennai with his wife, Usha."


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