18 Days

Author: grant morrison

ISBN: 9789383260225

Pub Date: 01.09.2013


Quick Overview

Grant Morrison’s 18 Days is an epic graphic novel companion to the new web-series by the same name. Featuring the story-telling of master comic book writer Grant Morrison and comic book illustrator Mukesh Singh, 18 Days is the story of the world’s greatest war: the Kurukshetra, and the story of the Mahabharata.

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Eons ago, two families fought over the throne of one of the greatest kingdoms ever known. The five Pandavas and the one hundred Kauravas fought each other in a bloody war that bathed the field in red. Their story is one of love, hate, envy, brotherhood, familial ties, pride, Dharma and truth. Filled with gods and demigods, the story of the Mahabharata is a story for all generations. Grant Morrison’s 18 Days is a companion book to the online web-series following the major events of the war. In its pages readers will find valuable story notes, scripts, character descriptions and insights into how the storyboard evolved. It shows the formation of the show from an idea, one pioneered by one of the largest names in the graphic novel business: Grant Morrison.


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