bestselling author preeti shenoy’s latest book it’s all in the planets gives an interesting insights into an interplay of love, luck and destiny in our lives


exact sciences. However, how accurate the prediction is, will depend upon how skilled the person doing the reading is. Also, there is a certain amount of free-will over anybody’s life. The choices we make affect what we experience (naturally), but some things I do believe are destined. You cannot escape fate,” states Preeti. t’s all in the planets! Or is it? That’s what best-selling author Preeti Shenoy feels. And that’s also the name of her latest book that’s now out on stands. “One man, two women, and the trap called destiny. I definitely believe in destiny. In the book, one of the characters says what I believe in — that astrology is based on astronomy and mathematics, both of which are

The book revolves around Aniket, 27, single, a techie (what else can you be in Bengaluru?!) who has a stunning model as his girl­friend, who is ‘totally out of his league’. He can’t believe his luck when this happens. But she wants him to change a lot about himself, including his geekiness and slight potbelly. He has a chance encounter with Nidhi, an older woman and it sets into chain of motion, events which have profound impact on their lives. The book has many layers to it, and it explores whether we truly have control over things that happen to us. How much of it is free-will and how much is destiny? How much will you be will­ing to change for the one you love? How much are you willing to tolerate for the one you love? What is a deal-breaker for you when it comes to relationships? Each chapter starts with an astrological forecast, and by the end of the chapter, you know whether it has come true or not.


Talking of the research that went behind the writing of this book, Preeti says, “In-depth personal interviews and a lot of reading up on the subject. I read up a lot of books, spoke to many people, collected incidents, experiences, thought processes and real life events. A few years ago, when I was living in the UK, I had

come across a book The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschenider in one

of my British friend’s home. Instead of i            — –

predicting the personality trait by zodiac sign which is what everyone does, which basically gives you 12 personality types, this one studies personality according to the date you were born and divides them into 366 personality types (including one

for Feb 29). He has studied the personali­ty traits of more than 20,000 people. It was eerily accurate for me. I read it for what it was worth and then forgot about it. While writing It’s All In The Planets, I went back to the book and studied it extensively as it has in-depth personality analy­sis, personality profiles, meditation and suggestions.”

She also studied every astrological prediction which well-known astrologers make. “Some were uncannily accurate. Also one of the characters in the book is an astrologer, a Tarot card reader and a face-reader. I became so interested in the subject, that I bought a pack of Tarot cards, started teaching myself Tarot. I can now give Tarot readings! The other thing I started doing was observing the characteristics of people, and trying to guess their zodiac signs. I was right 80 per cent of the time,” states Preeti with a beaming smile.

The author of It Happens For A Reason, Why We Love The Way We Do, Life Is What You Make It, is excited about winning The Young Indian Women Achievers — Empowerment and Leadership Initiative Summit. “I won an award where I was chosen as one of the 100 young women achievers. The award is given to the top performers in their field. They are coming out with an International edition of a coffee-table book, which fea­tures 100 women, and I’m happy to be chosen from my field. It will be given to me in Ahmedabad this month.”

So what’s next up her sleeve, we ask and she reveals, “More writing! I will also be working on a project with BBC and anoth­er big project, details of which I can’t yet reveal. I have also started writing my next book. But for now it’s signing the pre-orders! I was in Delhi recently where I signed more than 3,000 copies in nine hours. Besides, I’m also into illustrated journals.”